Extraordinary maintenance

verniciatura yacht-susi faggiani2A boat is personal, it’s your second home.

It is the fulfilment of a certain life process.
For this reason it must satisfy the owner’s every little need, that wanted it so much.


Amongst most of the services offered, there are:

  • the internal and external refittings
  • the possibility of having targeted maintenance interventions
  • painting boat
  • carpentry work
  • carpentry work yacht
  • mechanical work boat

All of these, it is possible thanks to highly specialised departments as cabin varnishing, the carpentry and woodworking department, and the machine workshop.

Below is a photo gallery with some details of painting jobs created.
The work must be beautiful to look at, but I was taught that a good painting is controlled only by touch.

Service Time of Susi Faggiani
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