Winter storage

susi faggiani-manutenzione4A proper storage is essential for the maintenance and the duration of the boat.


Performances: if the boat is taken care of its performances are always excellent.

Freedom: if you keep the boat in good condition, you can use it whenever you get the urge to cast off.

Savings: with an annual budget that considers all interventions, you can keep an eye on your budget and you know right away how much you’ll spend

Tranquillity: entrusting the boat to my management, you have the assurance that the work will be done by the best professionists at the lowest cost. Your advantage is my experience in assessing the quality of the work performed and in understanding what is necessary.

It’s easier to sell your boat: if you have decided to sell your boat maybe  by showing it in one of the many Used Boat Shows, then carrying  out the necessary measures and the storage, will definitely facilitate the sale. As a Broker and Yacht Manager I can help you in all phases.



The Service Time is located in Aprilia Marittima, interesting location regarding logistics and know how in the nautical field

My 25 years of experience in the nautical field and my being a yacht manager, allows me to offer a wide range of performance for  boat storage, both indoor and outdoor.
Our services range from consulting to management activities necessary for your yacht, keeping costs within the targeted budget, dealing the best price with workshops, boat yards and suppliers, conducting and supervising the work agreed upon.


  • winter storage
  • assistance in dock
  • indoor storage for sailboats, motorboats or dinghies
  • storage outside in the yard for sailboats, motorboats or dinghies
  • winter storage outside of sailboats (also masted) or motorboats
  • berths in the marina for the summer and winter periods
  • hauling and launching of boats

susi faggiani-manutenzione3Activities for the customer regarding the storage

  • pickup of the boat
  • transport to the boat yard
  • subsequent return to the place defined by the ship-owner





Service Time of Susi Faggiani
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